RTI VELOX Laser Moving Head Yoke, suitable to mount a laser - only 1 unit available

by RTI
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Slightly used, fully functional. Incl. slot for RTI ATTO devices.

The RTI VELOX is the world's first Laser Moving Head with unlimited PAN & TILT!

It suits perfectly for the RTI ATTO show lasers but it is also possible to use it with many other laser systems. Just contact us for more informations.

Extra fast 180rpm PAN and 20rpm TILT at an accuracy of 14bit make this system the perfect solution for professional light designers, show and production companies.
The RTI VELOX yoke is controlled over 7 DMX channels: Pan HSB, Pan LSB, Tilt HSB, Tilt LSB, Rotation Pan, Rotation Tilt and special.

The show laser device and the VELOX yoke are combined by a snap-in system, so the laser can be used without moving yoke as well.

Additional features of the RTI VELOX-230 are:

  • Quick and precise: up to 3 turns per second and 0.022° positioning
  • Ultra-versatile Plug&Play: laser projector can be used without the Velox
  • Eye-safe audience scanning version compliant with FDA regulations (US) as upgrade option
  • No laser company required: Certificate of non-objection (EU)
  • Designed for lighting professionals!

The 100% anodized aluminium housing of the RTI VELOX is extremely robust and the industrial bearings make moving parts wear free. A conductive cooling without any fans and air circulation inside the enclousure protects the VELOX against ingression of dust and dirt. The RTI VELOX is very slim whereby it can be easily integrated in existing lighting concepts.

This innovation 'Made in Germany' is the new must-have for everyone who wants to create unique effects no one have ever seen before!


Demo system, fully functional, incl. RTI ATTO mounting brackets / platform.

Additional Information

Operation Modes: DMX512 (Yoke)
Speed 180 rpm PAN , 20 rpm TILT
Accuracy 14 bit
Torque 15 Nm in PAN and TILT
Channels 7 (Pan HSB, Pan LSB, Tilt HSB, Tilt LSB, Rotation Pan, Rotation Tilt, Special)
IP Rating IP52
Accessories: Halfcoupler, Power cable, Manual
Power Supply: 90-260 V AC 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 360 W max. (with ATTO show laser)
Dimensions: 514 mm x 443,5 mm x 115 mm (with ATTO show laser)
Weight: 13.5 kg
R_Number 92171