RTI ANGO 600 - Exhibition Special - only 2 units available

by RTI
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Extreme power 600 W RGB laser beam projector with xy moving mirror and analog color mixture (full color, including white). Especially designed for outdoor use on buildings, on mountains, as sky laser or landmark laser, or as sky-cannon-effect.
The RTI ANGO 600 can be split into chiller and laser head, so they can be mounted up to 10m apart from each other.


  • extreme laser power of 600 W
  • analog modulated multi-color system, including white
  • movable beam with xy mirror
  • 360° projection angle setting for tilt
  • weatherproof housing, IP65
  • with active built-in AC


The RTI ANGO 600 is an ultra high power laser system that is designed for long distance laser visibility. The ANGO laser systems are full color, analog modulated laser systems with an extremely thin and low divergent beam for the power. They are equipped with the latest high precision laser module technology of RTI.

With continuous wave output power of 600 W RGB, the RTI ANGO 600 is extreme in many ways - it‘s not only the power, but also the capability to move the beam!
The individual powers per source color are well balanced, so the color mixture is well and homogenous over long distances.

The divergence of only 1.0 mrad with a beam diameter at aperture of only 100 mm make the beam travel over extremely long distances, as power does not get lost in close proximity to the laser and the beam does not widen up much with increasing distance - so the power is preserved.

The RTI ANGO 600 is equipped with a mirror to deflect and position the beam on the x and y axis. The movement of the beam can be precisely controlled via DMX. The mirror can even be aligned 360° on the Tilt movement (y axis). A special, adjustable mechanism can physically limit the output angle to a certain range for safety reasons, so even glitches in the control signal cannot let the beam deviate out of the set projection area.

To make the ANGO laser systems withstand adverse weather conditions, they are equipped with an active air conditioning system for precise temperature control as well as with a durable, rainproof housing. Having the active AC, the specified operation temperature range for the RTI ANGO 600 is specified from -5 to +50°C.

To make sure the aperture does not get dirty or gets too much water in case of rain, a specially designed, moving output chamber is attached to the device to reduce maintenance to a minimum.

Due to the powerful built-in AC, the RTI ANGO 600 requires a 16A CEE 3-phase connection, but only consumes 7500W.


  • 600 W total RGB power
  • extremely low divergence of only 1.0 mrad to preserve brightness over distance
  • Low maintenance of the device - laser compartment is maintenance free

The RTI ANGO 600 was especially designed for outdoor use on top of buildings or mountains or any similar for exposing a certain attraction or landmark. It is perfect as skylaser or landmark-laser or can be used as sky-cannon-effect.