Laserworld FB4 MAX Interface - demo

by Pangolin
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Demo unit - Laserworld FB4 MAX - housing without M10 mounting hole

This is a very well known and worldwide used professional live operation laser control software. Bundled with the FlashBack4 MAX (FB4) interface, QuickShow is a professional solution for reliable live laser operation.

The intuitive handling and the great number of features make QuickShow a good choice for advanced applications.

  • about 2000 patterns included
  • Virtual Laser Jockey
  • load your own images
  • easily create running texts
  • timeline, unlimited tracks
  • up to 9 projectors controllable
  • multi-language support
  • built in video tutorials
  • support for DMX512 in and out

QuickShow Brochure:

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QuickShow Video Intro
QuickShow Video (Workspace)


R Number  93362