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The ProLight Laser Harp Controller turns your laser projector into a huge frameless full-color laser harp. This virtual light harp has one or multi-color laser beams instead of strings, but you can play it like a "real" harp.

Through blocking of one or some laser beams an optical sensor sends signals to the controller which sends signals by a MIDI-Out interface to a synthesizer,a sampler, a sound card or by a "MIDI to USB" interface to the PC. There, the signals will be turned into sound or laser patterns.Create fascinating and breathtaking shows with the Laser Harp Controller.

The Laser Harp Controller is very versatile: It can be programmed to trigger any type of audio or video event, any visual image, sound or music, special effect or even pyrotechnics.

Combined with a laser control software (e.g. Phoenix4 or Pangolin) the laser harp can be used to create completey individual laser effects and paterns.

Phoenix4 Live has an integrated a laser harp mode integrated as standard. So, you can perform your live laser harp show without modifications. Feel like a laser jockey and get a virtuoso.


  • More advanced capabilities than any other laser harp on the market!
  • With our Laser Harp Controller you can choose between 8, 9, 10 or 12 laser beams, depending on how many tones the melody being played requires.
  • Your laser beams can be all red, all green, all blue, green and red (in which case red beams designate high notes while all other notes are green like the black and white keys of the piano), or multicolored (Rainbow mode) if you are using an RGB laser.
  • You can switch the tone orientation (starting C tone) from left to right. - You can switch between three different MIDI banks (C3, C4 and C5 musical scales). - You can play polyphonic (means you can play several tones at the same time)
  • You can connect a Double Footswitch to your Controller and use it for Opening/Closing the Laser Harp and for quick switching between MIDI banks.
  • If the Footswitches are not available, all the functions can be controlled and operated on the Laser Harp Controller box itself.
  • Function LEDs on the Laser Harp Controller box and sensor for easier indication and operation in dark areas
  • The option of controlling beam spread - Very small dimensions of both the Controller and Sensor boxes and the fact that the Sensor is a separate device make for an almost imperceptible installation on any platform (No big and clumsy boxes or frames on stage!). Your laser harp controller box will be practically invisible.

Additionally, we recommend a Laser Harp Foot Switch to control the laser harp.

Technical specifications:
  • sensor signal connector: female 8P8C modular connector for CAT5 UTP cables
  • laser projector connector: female DB-25 ILDA
  • MIDI signal connector: female 5-pin DIN
  • foot switch connector: female stereo TRF 6,35mm
  • power supply: AC Input: 110-240V AC 50/60Hz | DC Output: 12V, min. 1200mA
  • weight: controller box: ca. 760g | sensor box: ca. 670g
  • dimensions: controller box: 200/123/46mm (L/W/H) | sensor box: 128/94/101mm (L/W/H)
  • optional: foot switch for laser harp