Laser Diode Driver 24V-5A

by Laserworld AG
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Single-channel 5 A, 3-24 V laser diode driver with digital temperature controller circuit and anodized heat sink. The heat sink is appropriately sized to handle up to 10 W power dissipation on the power transistor. The temperature controller utilizes a PID algorithm to accurately maintain the desired temperature.

Compliance Voltage 3,3 - 24 V
Max Ouptut Current 5 A
Max. Power Dissipation 15W
Modulation Input Voltage Range 0 - 5 V
Pre-Set Current Setting 0 A
Noise and Ripple (RMS) 12.5 mA
Max. Modulation Frequency 100 kHz
Max. TEC Current 15 A
Minimum Current (3% Noise)
500 mA
75 x 45 mm
R Number